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Strategies to eliminate error for leaders of construction organisations.

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6 hours

Course Objectives

This one day training workshop for senior leadership personnel aims to inspire, engage and help them reach a consensus about what they (and others) need to do differently for it to become normal to get it right first time.

Workshop outcomes

This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Recognise the scale of the problem, the cost of error to their organisation and the failure to learn lessons;
  • Conduct a root-cause analysis and recognise root causes of error in construction;
  • Recognise how interactions with people at all levels can influence error;
  • Critique the plan-do-check-act model;
  • Use questions to establish dialogue;
  • Eliminate risks rather than proceeding ‘at risk’;
  • Use the ‘pre-mortem’ process to critique existing and proposed error-avoidance strategies;
  • Commit to individual and organisational action; and
  • Understand how to support other Get It Right Initiative training.

Background to the training

Research conducted by the Get It Right Initiative found that error costs the construction industry 21% of its annual turnover. With the support of the CITB Productivity Commission, the Get It Right Initiative has brought together a cross-industry team to design a programme of skills training for all levels of the construction industry to help significantly reduce avoidable error. 

Intended audience

This training is for leaders who have the opportunity to take steps to tackle the root causes of error in their organisations. This workshop is intended to be attended by participants from a single organisation at a time in order to support the development of company-specific action plans.

In this video, Tom Barton, Executive Director of the Get It Right Initiative introduces the programme. 



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